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The Reading League - January 14, 2016 Event: Recent Advances in Understanding Reading Development and Difficulties: Prevention and Highly Successful Interventions


The Reading League - March 10, 2016 Event: Sight Words and Orthographic Mapping


The Reading League - May 12, 2016 Event: Speech and Language Basis of Reading


The Reading League - July 14, 2016 Event: Perspectives on Dyslexia: Advocacy and Partnership


The Reading League - September 8, 2016 Event: A Close Look at Effective vs. Ineffective Interventions to Improve Word-Level Reading


The Reading League - November 10, 2016 Event: Types of Texts used in Reading Instruction: Picking the Right Tools for the Job


The Reading League - January 12, 2017 Event: Reading Longer Words: Syllable Types and Irregular Sounds


The Reading League - March 9, 2017 Event: Response to Intervention (RTI): Lessons Learned and Revisiting the Design


The Reading League - May 11, 2017 Event: Individual Reading Assessment: 

What Is It, Who Does It, How Does It Happen, and What Does It Mean?

(Everything you never knew you always wanted to know!)

The Reading League - July 13, 2017 Event: How to Maximize Instructional Time: Tips for Instructional Efficiency


The Reading League - September 14, 2017 Event: Practical, Informative Reading Assessments for Instruction and Grouping Decisions

The Reading League - January 11, 2018 Event: Spelling it Out: Effective Spelling Instruction and Assessment (Dr. Michelle Duffy)

The Reading League - March 8, 208 Event: Supporting Reading Across School Subjects and Making the Reading-Writing Connection Through a Focus on Language (Dr. Mary Schleppegrell)

The Reading League - May 10, 2018 Live Event: The Simple View of Reading: Implications for Instruction (Dr. Richard Sparks)

The Reading League - July 13, 2018 Live Event: Next Generation Learning Standards (Stephanie Finn)

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